Wednesday, 9 May 2012

AJ stories: Sir Gilbert's start ( Made Up and with titles! )

    Chapter 1: A pleasant day

The day was nice but gray. no won wanted to swim at the beach. but there in Crystal Sands there was a roamer. Who was named Sir Gilbert he was pearing out of the cave and looking out to the sorry world.
" Oh! Pfft! This day isn't nice! " Shouted Twist. " Yes but don't be CRAZY! " I roamered. We both looked out. " Well lets go to the ice! " Said Twist.

Chapter 2: Our land

 " The ice?! No way! Thats to far. " I said. But look at the Jamaa Journal! I climbed to the top level of the tree.

  " What the....! " I cried. This is it:

" We beta lookaout! "
 So we did. " I know! Lets even LIVE there! " I said.

We do here's what happens next:

Chapter 3: a amazing discovery

2 Weeks later we found out the new land.

" MOUNT SHIEVEER?! " I asked.

Whoa! Were on to that!

                                             We got on it. It was a bit windy but we got used to it without noticing
        a " TO BEACH " sign. First we saw the first shop there, the Hot Cocoa Hut. " I would like some Seaweed Cocoa please. " Said Twist. She got what he wanted. At last. When we walked out we saw the sign. " LOOK WHA.... " We said.


                  Chapter 4: The shortcut to Crystal Sands!

       spooloooosh! Went the wind and the sea closing in together.Spoolooooooosh! " Lets not take it right now. " Said Twist.  We walked up the mountains. " EEEEU! " I screamed. " A trap! " Cried Twist.

        " Puh! let's go down there. " I said. I had got out.

   But oh dear! There was a big army chasing after and they were killers!

Chapter 5: The army and us

" HELP! " we cried.
                                                        The night was getting heavey and a storm was on it's way.

                                             " There has to  be away to get out! " I said. Luckily, a eagle picked us up and FLEW us to safety.  " Thank you nice eagle! " I said. " Whoa! What away to travel! " Said Twist.

   Chapter 6: Sir Gilbert

 We went to the cave. Whoa! i said. Just then we spotted a Tiger Cave. Oh yes where the tiger roamer Sir Gilbert lay waiting for company.

" OOOUUUUUU!!!!! " roared Sir Glbert
                                                            As we watched we saw he was in trouble.
He was crying cause he was a roamer and everyone was mean to him. " WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE ME?! " roared the big giant. " We'll help. " We said.

I walked up to the old giant.
                                                    " What is wrong? "

                  " Well im a roamer an..." He could not get up to more. " ...d e-e-everyone d-d-d-does no t l-like me. " He said in a wobbley voice. I cn help! " You look alot like a nice Shaman to me. " y-y-y-ou-u  thi-ink? " He asked. Yeah! just be a shaman! I said " Uh... m-m-my nam--e is Sir Gilbert. " He said cheering up.
Just don't be evil. Help them if you see them introuble...



                                                The End


  1. Great story Mumuabean - I love the comix :)
    ©øø∂ ∑ø®˚¡™£¢∞ggghh ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ¶¶¶•¶¶¶¶¶••••ªººººªª


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